Jacque Hoyt

July 30th, 2018


"The first 20 weeks of my pregnancy were beyond stressful. It felt like I had been put through the ringer with no end in sight.


At 8 weeks I was rear ended and went to the hospital to be checked out. They came back three times after my ultrasound and told me my baby’s heartbeat was something to be watching for because it was far too low. Then they came back a final time and told me they had misread the numbers and that then heartbeat was perfectly in range.


After this I started my first few appointments with a midwife center. They knew my health history and made everything seem like it was going to be smooth and easy. Then out of the blue I received a call saying that I could not give birth there due to a prior surgery (that they had been aware of since day one).


I then was led to the Magee midwife center where in the first meeting it was very clear they were not going to listen to any of my wishes in the birthing process. I was absolutely furious leaving there. I didn’t know where else to go after this and felt like my options had run out. I had never considered a home birth and was a bit nervous about the idea however a friend passed along Jennifer’s contact and we reached out to have our first meeting.


I was in happy tears as soon as we started talking to her. It was if God led her right to me. She listened fully to everything I had to say, all my fears, my concerns, and my questions. She felt like family instantly. As soon as I met with her I had zero doubts about the fact that this was the way my birth was supposed to take place. Each appointment never felt rushed, I never felt like a number, and I always felt a new sense of confidence when leaving.


Family and former doctors continuously reached out along the way to give their two cents on my decision. A former doctor who had not seen me in 5 years went as far as to call me up at around 30 weeks pregnant and tell me that I was to have a scheduled c-section at 37 weeks at the latest or my uterus would burst. I trusted God and trusted Jen through this though and stood by my decision for a home birth. In the moments of weakness when people were starting to seep into my head Jen was there to listen and guide me without ever telling me what to do.


I went into labor the night after his due date at 11 pm. We called Jen and started tracking my contractions which were immediately back to back. By 2 am my team was there and ready for anything. I was hoping to have a water birth so we had everything ready.By about 7 am I started to break down and cry not knowing if I could take much more simply because I was so tired. At that moment things started to speed up. Jen had me come down stairs and walk between contractions. Around 9:30 am I was walking and made it to the kitchen and couldn’t make it any further. I just remember Jen saying well this is where it’s going to happen and then in a flash they had everything they needed for the birth of my baby boy. It was the more powerful experience I have ever had. These strong women guiding me through, holding me up, cheering me on. My husband feeding me a popsicle in between contractions. We laugh now because he said I sounded like the Hakka chant.


At 10:27 am my boy came into the world at 10lbs, 7 oz. He took a second to breathe but Jen and Meribeth were on it and my husband (a chiropractor) adjusted him and he came right to life. The whole time they were all so calm and focused. They all got me settled and then weighed and measured him. They stayed just long enough to know that I and my baby was comfortable. We had follow ups after to ensure we were all still doing well. I could not imagine having any other experience. I am looking forward to what my next birth adventure will be with Jen!"

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