Jennifer M. Nelson

R.N., B.S.N., T.M., N.R.P. Instructor

Birth is not only about making babies.

Birth is about making mothers ~strong, capable, competent mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength.

....Barbara Katz Rothman

"Midwives see birth as a beautiful, natural process that brings great joy to a birthing family. Rather than being a routine clinical event, the experience becomes a very special highlight of a woman's life. These wondrous events are best celebrated in the warm, close, intimate atmosphere of the home, rather than a busy medical facility. " Judy Edmunds CPM, RNC, LM, CH, Oregon.

       As a mother of 3 incredible children, I grew and learned throughout my own birthing experiences. I experienced first-hand the overwhelming fear, loss of dignity, loss of autonomy, and loss of the sanctity of birth that frequently occurs with routine obstetric care for a healthy, low risk mother and baby.  With my youngest daughter, I chose a midwife for my care and started on my own journey of understanding the immeasurable value of support, encouragement, and whole woman care during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum periods. I was truly cared for during this time instead of seen as a liability that needed managed to prevent the least amount of damage possible. For this, I am truly and abundantly thankful...and forever changed. 

       It did not take long to see exactly how each piece of my 20 years of experience as a nurse was preparing me for my transition into midwifery...and specifically home birth.  I have ALWAYS felt people were best cared for in their homes whenever possible and that healthcare decisions were best made by the fully informed individual...and birth would not be an exception.  To be able to practice legally in Pennsylvania and attend home births, I quickly learned that traditional midwifery was the best route to pursue to provide me with the intimate knowledge of the genuine ART of midwifery. Thankfully, 8 years ago, I had the opportunity to train locally with a well-seasoned, senior midwife who patiently took the time to pour into my heart, hands & mind so I could gain not only the skills required to safely and competently serve women and babies, but also the reverence for the sanctity of being able to hold space for those we serve.  We continue to regularly provide care to families as a team and enjoy dear friendship celebrating each other's God given talents and abilities. 

      Over several years ago, I realized the calling to also server other birth workers as well.  I became a trainer for AAP's NRP program (Neonatal Resuscitation) in 2015.  This affords me the ability to provide evidence based, life-saving skills as a newborn completes the incredible transition from womb life to the world around them. Thankfully, as a natural birth provider, these are not frequently required but are a vital, life-saving skills set to have if/when it is needed. 



The word "obstetrician" means "to stand in front of."

The word "midwife" means "with woman."

One gives a picture of leadership,

and the other gives a picture of partnership.

You decide which is best for your needs.