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In November of 2019 we gave birth to our 4th child. This time around was different than any other. We birthed our little boy in the comfort of our own home with a support team made up of my husband, our Midwife (Jennifer) and an additional Nurse (Tara).


Throughout this pregnancy I was provided with care that was shown through all prenatals done in our own home with our whole family involved. We were provided with the ability to make decisions for our baby and myself based on what we decided was best for us. Jennifer provided us with truth and information that helped guide us through decisions we had to make. We felt empowered. We felt the ability to be guided by my body to birth. It made this whole experience so different than our other 3. I was able to give birth with the clearest, focused mindset and in return had the least amount of postpartum struggles from tears and body, to mental. At the end of our birth experience we had a healthy baby in our arms and a new friend in our family...Who believed in us and guided us with truth and understanding. I can not now,after experiencing what’ve experienced, ever imagine birthing without such a true genuine provider on my side.


Prospect, PA

I would highly recommend Jennifer Nelson as a midwife. My family received exceptional emotional and physical care from her throughout my pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period. As a VBAC mom, I had many questions. Jennifer patiently answered them with honesty and grace. We will absolutely use her services in the future.


Greenville, PA

I met Jenn in 2014 when a friend of my husband had mentioned how great she was.  I was aware that Jen was a midwife and knew I wanted a doula/support as my 2nd pregnancy had complications with the epidural.  She was beyond sincere (even with my first phone call knowing that I wasn't going to home birth) and made an exception to help me.

Jenn went above and beyond our expectations with information/meetings/her quick response via text and phone calls...you name it...she knew it!  To this day I will still text Jenn texts/pictures and ask her advice and she is just as sincere as she was the first day I spoke with her.

As soon as I found out I was pregnant with my 4th (and finally a boy!) She was one of the first people I called and of course asked if she would be my support again!

We love Jenn...cannot thank her enough for all she did for me and continues to do.  My last 2 births were unmedicated/all natural - totally different from my first two...she gave me the strength to pull through in those moments I didn't think I could do it! Plus she kept me from hurting my husband!

Top 3 qualities- Educated, Passionate, EXTREMELY sincere/loving


I had planned on having this baby at the birth center like my previous pregnancy. At 6 months I felt my voice wasn't being heard and my pregnancy wasn't going in the direction I hoped it would. That's when I found Jennifer! She was an answer to my prayers! She is the kindest, caring most compassionate human being I've ever met. She was very knowledgeable, and addressed all my needs and concerns. I never felt uncomfortable or worried in her care. I truly feel blessed that I found her. My homebirth experience was wonderful and I only wish I would've had my previous two children at home as well. If and when I have another child I plan on having a homebirth again with Jennifer. I've done a hospital birth, a birth center birth and I cant imagine ever giving birth any where other than home again. Jennifer is the best at what she does.


Pittsburgh, PA

Our experience working with Jennifer Nelson as our primary midwife for our fourth child was wonderful.  As we began this pregnancy in a new place, we were looking for a midwife who could enable us to have a safe and comfortable homebirth, and who would advocate for those things most important to us.  As a R.N., Jennifer is very knowledgeable and professional, and is a wealth of information regarding both conventional and holistic medicine. 

As we moved through the stages of pregnancy, Jennifer would come by our house for our monthly checkups, and was always cheerful and encouraging.  Everything with the pregnancy went smoothly, and when I did have a minor health issue, Jennifer recommended that I get it checked out by a doctor with whom she had a working relationship. That doctor, known for working with the homebirth community, was kind and very helpful.

Later on in the pregnancy, Jennifer began to encourage me to see a chiropractor, as my back was hurting, it was uncomfortable to sit, and the baby just did not want to stay head down.  The chiropractic office that she recommended became my favorite place to go, as I always left these gentle adjustments feeling great, and confident that we were doing all we could to help him get into the best position.

Our little guy didn’t come until after 40 weeks, but no one seemed in a hurry, as all was well.  But when he did come…oh my!  It had been days of slight contractions, and so one Saturday evening I went to bed at 9 pm, convinced that the day had not yet come.  But as I lay there, the baby shifted into a new position that was suddenly accompanied by a lot of pressure.  By 10:30 pm we realized that we needed the midwife to come, and by 11 pm both Jennifer and her assistant midwife were there, and informed me that the baby would be arriving shortly.  They were a calming presence, great coaches, and had everything organized within minutes.  Our little guy arrived at 11:35 pm, had extended bonding time with me, and then one midwife gently did his newborn check while one helped me to get cleaned up and comfortable.  By 1 am they were on their way, allowing us to rest and bond as a family, with the promise of returning in 12-24 hours to make sure all was well.

It was a simple and beautiful birth, and we are convinced that Jennifer and her team were instrumental in enabling us to have this wonderful experience at home.


Gibsonia, PA

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